The Last Snag is a passion project by two young college students, Daniel Hansen and Marcel Patterson. 


Both of them are deeply obsessed with the Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra series. Like most of the global fan-base, when the live-action film came out they were disappointed with its lack of effort staying true to the series and its clear grab for money from the TV show's phenomenal reputation.

Currently, they are both working on becoming screenwriters to redeem" the live-action film adaption of both their's and everyone else's beloved childhood series. Their plan to accomplish this includes YOU! This website is designed to be as interactive as possible with the global fan-base. By involving the fan-base, it provides fans the chance to help influence a version of the film that they want to see. Thereby, ensuring it will do well in theaters and when pitching it to Hollywood, it will be difficult to turn down an offer that shows such Boxoffice promise. 

To help us out, please consider signing up as a member in the forum (it's free and has perks!), possibly donating to our website to keep its fun features going, and share and be as active with the different parts of the website as you can. The more the fans are involved in this process, the better the movie will be and the more likely the project will happen. 

The Project


Our primary goal or "The Project" we are working towards:

 Is to come up with a professional script that we can pitch to Hollywood that's been influenced and "approved" by the global fan-base. It will be the official remake of the horrible live-action film adaptation of avatar that was created in 2010. You can view excerpts from our script (new and older versions) here. 

Our second goal for the website:

 Is to create a place where fans can gather, talk, learn more about, share their creative work, and enjoy content from the show.

Our third goal is to:

 Attempt to provide new or thought-provoking content from the AU (Avatar Universe) to breath new life and perspective into the series and help keep the series alive. 



How Can You Help?


The best way every one of you can help us is to do the following:


1) Be sure to vote in the Q&A Surveys where we pitch ideas out to the fans and you guys vote on which ideas you like the most.

2) Read and provide feedback about our script excerpts so we can improve the script.


3) You can sign up as a member of our forum which allows you to provide us with your brilliant ideas by detailing them in your own forum posts. (It's free to sign up as a member and comes with some awesome perks too!)

4) Share the website and its pages with friends, family, and strangers that you know enjoy the show and would love to see the idea of this project becoming a reality!

5) Create and share your awesome works of avatar related art when we hold art competitions. 

6) Be as active as you can with our website, donate occasionally or monthly to help our features keep working, and providing feedback on how we could make the website better or what you'd like to see added. 

Now, to avoid having our ideas copyrighted or stolen by big companies or small competitors, we will block out parts of our scripts with black boxes. We understand that makes the experience less fun, but its to ensure that both your ideas and ours that are added to the script are kept safe until the film is produced.


There are some ideas we've (Marcel and Dan) agreed to share to help excite enthusiasm for this project, but we will not share all our secrets. Please be patient and understand this for us, thank you. 

Meet The Owner(s)

Daniel is an English Major with about two semesters left at Brigham Young University Idaho (BYU-I). He is currently emphasizing in creative writing and trying to emphasize in screen writing (writing movie scripts) as well. He's an obsessed avatar fan if that was not already apparent. 


He lived by himself in Denmark for two years and in France for 3 months and has had many other travels as well. He speaks English, French, and Danish.


Recently, he's started to study the different story techniques behind the different story genres. He also loves to watch and study the scripts of Avatar, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars in his free time. 

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